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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of real questions asked by real users. If you have a question which is not shown here then please contact us.

About the Product


Functional Questions

About the Product

Can I try the Personal Edition?

To try the Personal Edition you simply register on the web site. Registering is free and once you do this we will automatically set up your own private database with a demo so you can browse around the web pages and get a sense for what the web site can do for you. You can also click on the Help link to see the on-line help which is also a good way of learning about how things work. When you're ready to set up your own data, click on the link called 'New Starter? Click here' and follow the steps in that help topic.

Can I have a demo?

When you first register we will automatically set up your own private database with a demo so you can browse around the web pages and get a sense for what the web site can do for you.

Is the Personal Edition really free?

Yes - it really is free. There really are no gimmicks or tricks. In addition the software is fully functional other than the limits specified on the Products page.

What is the difference between the free Personal Edition and the paid editions?

The main difference between the different editions is the amount of information you can manage. Personal Edition has limits on the number of properties, number of tenancies and number of users. The other editions simply have higher limits.

If I start using the Personal Edition and then want to upgrade, will there be any loss of data?

There will be no loss of data. When you upgrade you will simply see higher limits automatically applied to your database and, in addition, you will be granted access to enhanced features.

If I upgrade to a paid account are there any tie-ins with regards to time period or cancellation?

We take payment either monthly or quarterly in advance. You can cancel anytime with 1 month's notice. If you pay quarterly and wish to cancel, we will refund any unused whole months.

In the future, will you start to charge for services that are currently free or even discontinue them?

We have no intention of ever discontinuing the free Personal Edition. Most of our business comes from members who initially start with the free personal edition and then decide to upgrade to paid-for editions so we see a lot of value in continuing to provide the Personal Edition.

Having said this, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the Personal Edition, for example:

(a) Make certain features only available to paid-for editions. However, if we do this we will not remove access to those features from Personal Edition users who have subscribed prior to the change being made.

(b) Change the limits applied to the Personal Edition (e.g. today you can record details of up to 30 tenancies). However, if we do so, existing members who have a usage above the new limit will have their limit set to their existing usage, plus a discretionary additional amount so they are not forced into upgrading until they have genuinely grown their usage.

How do I download the software to start using it?

There is no download required to use the software. You simply use it through your web browser.

How do you guarantee data security? takes data security very seriously. We have implemented a series of measures to protect the service and to guarantee security of your information:

  • Users have to authenticate using their password with each new session.
  • User sessions will automatically timeout after a period of no activity.
  • Individual user sessions are uniquely identified and re-verified with each transaction.
  • Customers passwords are not stored in a human-readable form and hence cannot be accessed by staff.
  • All our staff have attended technical training classes on data security.
  • Hardware and software have been specifically designed to provide secure logical separations of customer data which ensures that each customer can only view their own information. Data privacy is checked with every query and transaction to or from our databases.
  • The service is highly scalable and redundant, allowing for fluctuation in demand and expansion of users while greatly reducing the threat of long-term outages.
  • Customer data is backed up regularly in an encrypted form and copied to two separate secure offsite locations.

Will you ever sell my information to another agency or to any third party?

Absolutely not. Security of your information is very important to us and we will never pass it onto a third party unless it's required to provide you with a genuine service. For example, when placing an advert for a vacancy we will pass details of that vacancy and your contact details to a third party organisation to save you re-entering the same information through another web site. Even then, we will make it clear what information is about to be passed to the external party so you can opt out if you are not comfortable with proceeding.

In the registration screen it is mandatory to enter a company name. Does this mean you do not provide a service to landlords who are not operating as a business?

The registration screen does ask for a company or business name, but that doesn't mean you have to be a registered company. It's simply the title you wish to use for your property lettings business. In the case of a regular landlord this is often your name. (Think of it as the first line in your letterhead).

Certainly, a large proportion of our customers are small to medium landlords who do not operate as formal companies.


What are the supported browsers?

The following browsers are currently supported by the system:

  • Firefox versions 3.6+
  • Internet Explorer version 8.0+
  • Google Chrome - latest version
  • Safari 4.0+
For all browsers you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and SSL 3.0.

Is the software compatible with Apple Mac computers?

The software runs within a browser window - there is no download so it will run fine on an Apple Mac.

Can I access from my iPhone (or other smartphone)?

Yes, the software can be accessed from an iPhone and most modern smartphones which run a decent web browser.

Can I access from more than one computer?

Yes - You can access your account from different computers and smartphones.

Can I access while I'm away from my home/office or while I'm abroad?

Yes - You can access your account from any computer with an internet connection, whether at home, in the office or in an internet cafe. You can also access your account from a modern smartphone (e.g. an iPhone).

However, remember to logout if accessing your account from a public or shared computer.

I have forgotten my password - help!

Unfortunately, we can't tell you the password that you used to register as we don't actually record it in a human readable format for security reasons. However, if you have forgotten your password then you can reset it as follows:

  • Go to the login page
  • Click on the link which says: Having problems logging in? Click here for help.
  • Follow the instructions for resetting your password.
The system will generate a new password for you and will email you at your registered email address.

Functional Questions

I have a small agency - is it possible to allocate my properties to different landlords in the free edition?

You can achieve this by creating a separate portfolio per landlord.

Can I enter multiple tenants, with different payment terms, against one tenancy?

Yes - it is possible to set up multiple, parallel recurring charges against a tenancy, which will allow you to track the separate payments due per tenant.

I have a tenant on Housing Benefit and as such I receive some of the rent direct from the Benefits service and the remainder in top ups from the tenant. Is it possible to track these separately so as to determine what has been paid from the Benefits service and what is due in top up from the tenant?

Yes - in this case you would set up a recurring rent charge for the rent expected from the Benefit service and a separate recurring rent charge for the top-up expected from the tenant. The system will then track these for you showing exactly what is expected to be paid separately.

Does it matter when your year ends or can you only use it at the start of a new financial year?

You can start using the software at any time. The tax worksheet will obviously require a full financial year's worth of information to provide accurate figures, but you can easily enter historical entries up to the beginning of the financial year if you wish to use this part of the web site.

Looking at limits for free usage, how do I know how much space I have used so far?

If you click on the Organizer link at the top of the page your usage is shown as a bar in the top right-hand corner of the Organizer page. Hovering your mouse cursor over the bar will show precise usage amount versus quota.

When I set up an automatic reminder when and how does the reminder appear?

Reminders are generated 30 days before they are due and will appear as tasks on your task list.