Smart software for smart property professionals.

So what does it do?

Actually, quite a lot. Here's a summary of the key features:

  • Home Dashboard Page
    • Provides an instant view of your business
    • Active and overdue tenancies
    • Property portfolio performance
    • Active tasks
    • Upcoming Appointments
  • Property Management
    • Manage multiple portfolios of properties
    • Supports many different types of properties from simple standalone houses to HMOs or blocks of flats
    • Track the value of your properties over time
    • Track insurance policies, inspections and more with automatic reminders for those requiring renewal
    • Store files and images as attachments
  • Tenancy Management
    • Track multiple tenancies per property over time
    • Powerful tenancy balance facility - simply describe the recurring rent charges, and it auto-calculates the individual charges and resulting balance for you
  • Income and Expenditure Management
    • Track rent income against tenancy
    • Track expenditure against each property
    • Easily set up and manage recurring expenditure
  • UK Tax Worksheet
    • Automatically calculates your tax liability displaying the results in exactly the format expected by HMRC UK Properties (SA105) section of the UK tax return.
    • Calculate tax for all properties, for separate portfolios or for individual properties.
    • Automatically calculates furniture wear & tear allowance.
    • Calculate tax using either cash or accruals accounting methods.
  • Tenancy Balances
    • View tenancy balances to see exactly what was due and what was paid
    • Export tenancy balance to excel for custom calculations
  • Finances
    • As an agency, produce statements for clients
    • Track VAT paid or due
    • Connect to HMRC Making Tax Digital gateway
    • Reconcile transactions against bank statements
  • Property Accounts
    • View property accounts to see income and expenditure over a date period for a portfolio or for individual properties.
    • Export property accounts to excel for custom calculations
  • Smart Assistants - guide you through key processes
    • Moving tenants in
    • Moving tenants out
  • Document Manager
    • Generates common documents and forms for you in PDF or Microsoft Word formats with a single click
    • Includes free Tenancy Agreements for England/Wales and Scotland, automatically completed and generated with a single click
    • Define your own custom documents and forms
  • Organiser
    • Tasks
    • Contacts
    • Appointments
    • Documents
    • Multi-user organisations can share task lists, contact lists, calendars and documents as well as maintain personal ones.
  • Online help system - specifically focussed on helping new users get started as quickly as possible.
  • New features automatically made available - no download required.

Check out the videos below:


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